Corporate Social Responsibility

Sanitary Napkins Donation Drive

On March 8, 2019- A Day observed as International Women’s Day, a Female Hygiene Project was carried out with exhilaration and pride followed by Sanitary Napkin Donation Drive for the women with humble background. The influence of old beliefs, age- old taboo, financial status and many more countless factors, on these women was very bad. Sharing awareness about the menstruation and menstrual hygiene and their acceptance towards these things was as good as winning a small battle for Great Wall Corporate Services.

Ms. Anju & Ms. Swati from Great Wall Corporate Services made it an effort to visit our clients’ location, meet the lady front- line staff and share the knowledge on the same. They explained them the importance of maintaining self- hygiene and if not done how it can hamper their health. At first, the women were uncomfortable to talk to them on these issues, later they opened up with their inputs.

Using unhygienic cloth, sand, ash, newspapers, and dried leaves- due to unaffordability can lead to many serious women health issues like fungal infections, issues in urine and reproductive systems, etc. As a token of acknowledgement these issues, sanitary napkins were donated to all these women.

Having said this, we, at Great Wall Corporate Services swear by our company statement that says “We make secure, hygienic & productive environments for everyone.” Hence, in order to create a productive environment it is very important to make it secure and hygienic first; and so, on this women’s day we emphasised on maintaining self- hygiene.


Donation to Humanitarian!!






GWCS’s CSR activities are grounded in the concept where there is the amalgamation of social benefits and the organization’s business models and perception.

Businesses are the powerful catalyst when it comes to achieving a proper sustainability of the society. An esteemed organization has much more to do than just making money, as the power of their presence will resolve the social problems. GWCS is driven by the mission of channelizing the power of unemployed youth towards a better tomorrow. With this society driven mission, GWCS undergoes certain CSR activities that symbolize the gesture of giving back attitude to the society. GWCS believes in empowering people and striving to achieve this belief.

GWCS is involved in carrying out the activities that are related to health, awareness, safety, donating to humanitarian and many more. One such goodwill activity that has been performed since the inception of GWCS is at C. R Ranganathan Residential School for Deaf.  On the eve of every festive occasion, GWCS makes an effort to arrange one-time food for the students before they go home to celebrate the festival.

Coming to the health-related activities, GWCS has also made an effort to improve water hygiene at the school in order to facilitate healthy drinking. The organization has also financially helped the school to expand. Great Wall has also walked an extra mile to engage these specially-abled students with an appropriate job opportunity.

The school has been established in the loving memory of C. R. Ranganathan as a sense of social cause for hearing impaired children between 5 to 18 years. The arrangements for the food, shelter & clothes are done by the school free of cost. The trust gets GIA from the state government for 75 students and the rest is done by the trust itself. Their journey till today has been possible due to the kind and helping hands of society.

Shri. Prataprao Kadam, the founder and chairperson of GWCS, the man of uprightness, believes in expressing gratitude towards the society and giving it back with integrity for the conviction it has in us.


Awareness Programs

Great Wall had taken initiative to spread awareness about safety and security, by creating a social platform after the bomb blast at German Bakery, Pune. This platform ensures suggesting preventive measures, precautions & safety instructions.

Free Helmet Distribution

As a part of safety awareness drive- an initiative was taken by The Times of India group in January 2010. Great Wall distributed over 150 free helmets to its staff members and till date ensures that wearing a helmet is a regular practice for them.

Tree Plantation

Trees are not only beautiful, but they have real value. They are the world’s single largest source of breathable oxygen. In view of creating a green environment in the society, Great Wall has planted over 750 trees at various locations.

Blood Donation Camps

Despite all our medical advances, there is still no good man-made substitute for human blood, which is why Great Wall organizes blood donation camp twice a year. One such camp that was organized for Dengue affected in 2012. Almost 550 people donated blood in blood donation camp.

Peace Walk

Great Wall’s entire team along with the Managing Director participated in the ‘Peace Walk’ that was organized on 9th October 2010, by the NGO TejGyan Foundation, Pune, on the eve of ‘World Peace Festival’. Around 250 people took part in Peace Walk from Great Wall.